Tuesday evening we put on our masks and gloves, loaded up with Chick-fil-a to share dinner and kindness with the homeless in downtown Indianapolis.

Chick-fil-a dinner

Many of the homeless are experiencing extra distress during the quarantine. Understandably, many agencies have scaled back to only providing essential services. Therefore, the services that the homeless rely on are no longer available. Especially how they get their information. Each time we stop at a camp we try to share the latest news and updates.

One couple didn’t know that the governor stated there should be gatherings of no more than 10 people. Another person didn’t understand why the BMV and Social Security Office are closed. We do our best to share with them the information that we have to provide them with some peace and understanding.

In addition, the kindness and human contact we provide is clearly appreciated and missed by so many. We keep our distance but we do look them in the eye and tell them that we care, we elbow bump and we give them what we can to sustain them until the next time we are able to make it out.

We are all facing hardships during this quarantine, some people have lost their jobs and others have had to stay home while their companies are temporarily closed. But most of us still have our homes, our beds and our basic necessities are being met. The homeless don’t have these basic items.

If you find yourself in a position to help we truly appreciate your support. Thank you for considering a donation to help feed and house the homeless. You are amazing and hearts like yours make the world a better place!